Organic Meats

Why buying and eating organic meats is a healthier option


More and more people are choosing organic meats in their daily lives. Eating organic meat is not only a way to ensuring that you eat healthy, but it also helps protect the environment. Here are some of the main advantages of choosing to buy and eat organic meat.

Free from added hormones, drugs and antibiotics

When you buy and eat organic meat, you stay away from animals which have been given drugs, added hormones and antibiotics. This means that you are eating meat from animals which have been raised in a healthier environment, has not been fed antibiotics, any artificial drugs or any growth hormone. They have also not eaten any foods which have been genetically modified. They have been eating organic feed all their lives and have been eating healthier foods than animals which factor farms raise.

Protection against Mad Cow Disease

Animals which are raised by factor farms are often forced to eat ground up meat of their own species, which causes Mad Cow Disease, a terrible disease which affects the brain and the Central Nervous System. Human beings who eat animals which have been afflicted by this terrible disease can even die. However, when you choose organic meats, you can be sure that the animals have not been forced to go against their nature and have only been fed organic feeds.

It is more humane

Most factory farms practice cruelty to their farm animals. That is a fact. They are treated as commodities and are raised in extremely tight spaces. Most such animals, throughout their lives, live and move about in very little space. When you buy organic meat, you are ensuring that you are not spending money on such farms. You are spending your dollar on farms which raise animals in a far more humane and ethical manner. You are saying no to cruelty to animals.

Animals are allowed to graze and eat a variety of grub

When you select organic meats for your family, you are buying animals from farms which have allowed them to graze the way they are inclined. Free range animals also eat better-rounded meals than their factory farm- raised counterparts. So in your way you are choosing a better way of life for these animals.

Small organic farms use manure better

The truth is that big factory farms use manure in a very bad way. They basically pollute the environment with manure. Small organic farms on the other hand, use manure to fertilize the soil. The over spilling of manure that big factory farms do regularly causes wells to be contaminated with E. Coli bacteria and other pathogens. The manure that organic farms use on the other hand, are made from animals which have been given organic feeds.

Lesser chemicals used

When you choose organic meats, you can be certain that lesser chemicals have been used. Organic farms do not use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and this ensures that your organic meat too does not contain any of it.

As you can see, choosing organic meat is just a better choice health-wise and environment-wise.